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Where to find

This article explains where to find . We will explain the meaning of pro bono and the reasons why work pro bono.

Pro bono meaning

Pro bono publico or pro bono, is a Latin phrase that means “for the public good.” Pro bono refers to volunteer, unpaid work that is performed by professionals.

Pro bono criminal defense lawyer definition

When a criminal defense lawyer performs pro bono work, it means that he or she provides legal services for individuals who are unable to pay.

in Korea

In South Korea, pro bono work is mandatory. Lawyers are to complete a minimum of 30 hours of pro bono work annually. In lieu of pro bono work, lawyers can pay $20,000–$30,000 into the Pro Bono Fund of the Korean Bar Association (Wikipedia, 2021).

in the United States of America

Practicing lawyers in the United States of America are required by the American Bar Association to perform pro bono work in keeping with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. are no exception.

According to its Model Rules of Professional Conduct 6.1, American Bar Association members should render at least fifty hours of pro bono work annually.

The ethos of the organization is that these services should be rendered to the indigent and to nonprofit organizations that serve the poor.

The Association upholds this principle for the good of the society since poorer persons have “enormous unmet legal needs.” They need lawyers since they are the only ones with the specialist knowledge and skills to help them to access the justice system (American Bar Association, 2012).

Pro bono requirements for law students in the United States

Law students in the United States are also required to provide voluntary services to people of limited means or to community-based nonprofit organizations. This service is not rewarded in any way.

Pro bono requirements for licensure in the United States

Since 2021, New York State has mandated that pro bono service must be a requirement for licensure. New York is currently the only state with this bar admission requirement.

How do you find ?

1. Visit or call the local bar association in your state or country in order to find .

2. Visit the on this website for a list of pro bono lawyers in selected American states. Additions will be added later.

This website contains several lists of pro bono lawyers in selected states.
Visit our pro bono lawyer directory at this link.

3. Search on Google Maps for lists of pro bono lawyers in your state or country.

Go to Google Maps for pro bono in your country.

4. US residents contact the Probono Institute.

The Pro Bono Institute (PBI) was founded in 1996. It is a nonprofit organization located in Washington, D.C. The Institute is the source of “unparalleled depth of knowledge, resources, and expertise” and a “respected resource for all things pro bono”.

The Pro Bono Institute is well respected in the field and recognized as

the global thought leader in exploring, identifying, evaluating, catalyzing, and taking to scale new approaches to and resources for the provision of legal.

The institute works with law firms, in-house corporate legal departments, and public interest organizations in the provision of:

legal services to the poor, disadvantaged, and other individuals or groups unable to secure legal assistance to address critical problems.

How to contact the Pro Bono Institute

Pro Bono Institute
1001 G Street NW, Suite 305 West
Washington, DC 20001

Submit your query on the Contact Page.

pro bono criminal defense lawyers near me

Do you qualify for free legal aid?

In the United States, individuals become eligible for free legal aid if they meet certain conditions. These include low income, health status, safety, location, and whether the issue is of a civil or criminal nature (Legal Aid, 2016).

These conditions generally apply:

– You Have Been Accused of a Crime.
– You Are Poor or Needy as Defined by the Court.
– You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence.
– Your Household Income is Less than a Certain Percentage.
– You’re a Disabled Veteran.
– You are an immigrant,
– You’re Case Involves a Civil Rights Issue.
– You’re a Community Organization.
– You Are Living with HIV/AIDS.
– You Currently Receive Financial Assistance in Other Programs.

Visit our pro bono directory for lists of pro bono criminal defense lawyers.

Resources for organizations that need pro bono legal support

American Bar Association Center for Pro Bono

The American Bar Association Center for Pro Bono provides technical assistance and planning advice to related entities that need assistance.

These include bar associations, pro bono programs, legal services offices, bar leaders, law schools, corporate counsel, judges, and government attorneys (American Bar Association, 2021). is a non-profit organization was founded in 1999 by two pro bono lawyers working with large law firms. The purpose of the organization is to promote collaboration and pro bono service among New York City lawyers.

What is the work of works to equip individuals with solutions to life-changing legal issues. They work collaboratively within the justice system to ensure that issues related to justice for the poor are upheld.

The organization achieves its mission by:

– helping individuals to access the full power of the law.
– making it easier for advocates to do the most good.
– developing initiatives for vulnerable communities. One way that the organization does this is to mobilize and network with the legal community to assist the legal needs of disaster survivors. ( refers you to this link for legal assistance.

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