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Discover where to find Pro Bono Criminal Defense Lawyers In MN, USA. Access free legal support if you meet certain conditions and are unable to pay.

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List of In MN, USA

Here is a list of in Minnesota where you can get free legal advice. Get contact details like business address and phone number.

Appelman Law Firm
Criminal Justice Attorney
4501 Minnetonka Blvd #100
Open 24 hours
+1 952-224-2277
Rated 5.0(128)

Groshek Law PA
Criminal Justice Attorney
302 N 10th Ave
Opens 9 AM
+1 612-827-3833
Rated 4.4(69)

Halberg Criminal Defense
Criminal justice attorney
7900 Xerxes Ave S #1700
+1 612-333-3673
Opens 8 AM ·

Kelsey Law Office
4927 S 34th Ave
+1 763-689-8931
Opens 7AM ·
Rated 5.0(1)

Legal Rights Center
1611 Park Ave
Opens 9AM
+1 612-337-0030
Rated 4.4(20)

Marsden Criminal Defense
Criminal Justice Attorney
1500 US Bank Center,
101 E 5th St E
Opens 9 AM
+1 612-308-5100
Rated 4.4(17)

Todd Peterson PA, DWI &
Criminal justice attorney
1637 4th Ave N Ste 1
Opens 9 AM
+1 320-259-5123
Rated 4.8(16)

24 hour bono criminal defense lawyers minneapolis area

Ambrose Law Firm, Criminal Justice Attorney ·
Woodbury Criminal Defense Attorneys
680 Commerce Dr #271
+1 651-800-4842
Rated 4.9(12)
Open 24 hours

Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A.
Criminal Justice Attorney
150 S 5th St #1490
Open 24 hours
+1 612-444-5020
Rated 4.9(70)

& Workers Compensation Law Offices of Arechigo & Stokka
Criminal Justice Attorney
332 Minnesota St w1080
+1 651-413-9744
Open 24 hours
Rated 4.9(73)

Gerald Miller P.A. DWI & Criminal Defense Lawyers
Criminal justice attorney
2915 S Wayzata Blvd
Open 24 hours
+1 612-448-9074
Rated 5.0(144)

Halberg Criminal Defense
Criminal justice attorney
7900 Xerxes Ave S #1700
Opens 8 AM
+1 612-333-3673
Rated 4.8(86)

Kans Law Firm LLC, DWI & Criminal Lawyers
Criminal justice attorney
7825 Washington Ave S #220
Open 24 hours
+1 952-835-6314
Rated 4.9(39)

Keyser Law, P.A.
Criminal justice attorney
400 S 4th St #806m
Open 24 hours
+1 612-338-5007
Rated 5.0(51)

Lauren Campoli
Criminal justice attorney ·
7300 France Ave S Suite 405
+1 612-810-0060
Rated 5.0(69)
Open 24 hours

Leverson Budke
Criminal justice attorney
3435 Washington Dr #203
Open 24 hours
+1 651-829-3572
Rated 5.0(126)

Lundgren & Johnson, PSC,
Criminal Defense Attorneys
Criminal justice attorney
121 S 8th St Suite 893
Open 24 hours
+1 612-767-9643
Rated 4.9(51)

North Star Criminal Defense
Criminal justice attorney
370 Selby Ave
Open 24 hours
+1 651-330-9678
Rated 4.9(56)

Ryan Garry LLC, Criminal Defense Attorneys
Criminal justice attorney
333 S7th St #2350
+1 612-436-3051
Rated 4.9 (104)
Open 24 hours ·

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London Defense, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Criminal justice attorney
3201 Hennepin Ave S
Open 24 hours
+1 612-501-4866
Online appointments
Rated 4.9(24)

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