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    Las Vegas DUI Lawyer – Las Vegas DUI Laws

    If you need a Las Vegas DUI Lawyer, the following links can help you to understand how to speak to him or her about your DUI charges.

    These official documents from the US Government State Of Nevada DMV will help to provide clarity on DUI in Las Vegas.

    The laws are provided here for your reference. We hope this helps to answer questions.

    DUI Las Vegas – DUI Laws

    Las Vegas DUI Lawyer – Las Vegas DUI Laws PDF

    Here is a simple to understand PDF related to from the Department of Motor Vehicles, in the State of Nevada.

    More Las Vegas DUI Lawyer resources to help in safe driving

    Las Vegas traffic Laws Nevada State DMV

    Nevada Traffic Laws You Should Know

    Expanded information on DUI Nevada. – Driving Under the Influence

    Failure to submit to a breath, blood or urine test as directed by a police officer results in a driver’s license revocation of at least one year.

    A blood sample can be drawn involuntarily if the officer obtains a warrant or court order. These are the penalties

    • Legal Limits  .08 percent blood alcohol level or any detectable amount of a controlled substance. (.02 if under 21, .04 in commercial driving) 
    • Driver’s license revoked for at least 185 days
    • Vehicle may be impounded

    These are administrative penalties which are taken immediately. Courts impose additional criminal penalties upon conviction.

    All DUI Alcohol suspects may install ignition interlock devices as a condition of receiving a restricted driver’s license. Courts may order interlock devices as part of sentencing. (2021 Assembly Bill 427 | NRS Chapter 484C | DMV Quick Tip)

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